3 Questions on Russian History for Dr. Marina Oborotova 2008

POLS 357       Russian and Eurasian Politics             :           Dr. Oborotova            1/30/08

Timothy J. Sipp

3 Questions on Russian History

  1. How do Russians see themselves in terms of:
    1. Cultural Identity
    1. National Purpose
    1. International Role
  • Was the dissolution of the Soviet Union part of a greater grand strategy with intent to leave certain control structures in place, while waiting for a better time to exert political will in the near future, e.g. playing dead while regrouping?
  • Was Communism a “fool’s errand” and international experiment imposed on the unsuspecting people of Russia in order to establish which socio-economic politik may work better for establishing sustainable centralized control by an elite class regardless of nationality?

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