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Who Is Timothy J. Sipp?

I am a serial entrepreneur with several small businesses focusing on risk management, business intelligence, strategic evaluation, planning and administration for public and private clients across National Security, and Development, Systems Engineering and Systems Integration and Organizational Change Management.

I have unique experience in aerospace and acoustics engineering, materials science, electrical and electronics engineering, technical communications, strategic communications, policy, politics and administration covering healthcare, health insurance, property insurance, mortgage banking, international banking & finance and structural economics.

I am a screenwriter, playwright, actor, producer and director with a Bachelor’s of University Studies with concentrations in Political Science-International Relations and National Security Studies. My education focused on:

Economics, specializing in Structural Economics, International Banking and Finance;

History focused on Historiography and the European expansion into Asia;

Russian and Eurasian History and Politics;

and the History of South American Gender Politics post Colonialism with a graduate thesis on Gender Politics in Central American Socialist revolutions of the 1980s from the University of New Mexico.

I also have a Masters in Public Administration from the University of New Mexico in Healthcare Policy, Politics and Administration.

My degree focused on special studies in Developmental Disabilities and Women’s Health with a thesis on the Roadblocks and Resolutions to realizing the benefits of the Implementation of the Medicaid expansion and Affordable Care Act in New Mexico in 2013.

I was also a 24-7-365 volunteer care-giver for over 5 years to a terminally ill gentleman who passed away two years after his double-lung transplant from Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy and COPD, while myself becoming fully disabled.

I was also a Presidential Management Fellowship Semi-Finalist during this time (2013).